Biographical Note

Josep Antonio Tribo Giné (Lleida, September 15, 1968) is Professor of Corporate Finance at University Carlos III of Madrid since 2009. He holds a Bachelor in Theoretical Physics from the University of Barcelona and PhD in Business Economics from the University Autonoma of Barcelona. His teaching activity from 1992-1997 was at Universitat Autonoma of Barcelona and from 1997, Josep teaches different Business courses at University Carlos III of Madrid, where he has been the Head of the Department of Business Administration (2011-2017). Josep will join Stevens Institute of Technology in August 2020 as Associate Professor

Academic background and research lines

The research trajectory of Professor Tribó is quite interdisciplinary and addresses different topics like corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, the absorption of business innovation or corporate investment/financing decisions. Professor Tribó has published a significant number of articles in leading journals in his field of specialization and as a result of his research Josep received the award for excellence in research by UC3M in his 2012 Edition. Professor Tribó citations in google scholar is larger than 5500.

Management Responsibilities

Josep A. Tribó has been the Head of the Department of Business Administration at University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) from 2011 to 2017. This department is the largest of the university in terms of teaching load. The Business Department at UC3M is the best Business Department in Spain among public universities according to the ranking by the University of Granada. Also, the Business Department of UC3M has been among the top 20 research institutions in Europe in recent years according to UT Dallas Ranking, which is based on publications in top tier journals in Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing.